Mother’s Day

I’m lucky.  I have three mothers.

  1. My grandmother.  She helped raise me and was there for me.  She taught me basic math and how to nourish my body.  She taught me how to love.
  2. My adoptive mother.  Even though we fight and don’t always get along, I know she’s doing the best she can with what she has.  I know she loves me.
  3. My birth mother.  This woman made (what I see as) the ultimate sacrifice because she knew she couldn’t provide for me.

I know very little of my birth mother.  I know her name, that I’m the youngest of 7 (at the time), and the circumstances in her home probably weren’t good.  I have often wondered how a mother can make such a decision.  It must take such strength to be that unselfish and I am so incredibly grateful.  I may have had ups and downs (and who doesn’t?), but on the whole, I’ve had an amazing life with wonderful experiences.  I am where/who I am today, partially because of her.

Not only did my parents want a child, but, honestly, I was probably brought into the picture to save my parents’ marriage.  I’m okay with that.  My mother was willing to have a child that was not of her flesh or blood and love and raise it as her own.  There is something beautiful in that.  She was/is so willing.  And that’s beautiful.  She taught me a family isn’t always about the bloodlines, and often times, it has nothing to do with it.

I truly feel that my grandmother is my saving grace.  I know of unconditional love because of her.  I know how to do things passionately because of her.  I know how to speak Spanish and make a kick ass ceviche because of her.  She is beautiful.

I give thanks for each of these women.  And the women who came before them.  I am stronger and wiser because of you.

To anyone who is a mother, or who has taken on the role, Happy Mother’s Day!


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