The Power of “I”

My sister-in-law has an incredible talent.

She has the ability to turn any topic of conversation around and make it about her.  Even topics that she has no clue about.  She’ll as specific questions to be able to share her knowledge, without really looking to see if perhaps someone else might have a different opinion.  And if you do, by chance, have a different opinion, instead of listening and possibly contemplating, you get, “Let’s just agree to disagree,” said very quickly and dismissively.  Usually, this person has no idea they do it and those around them are used to it and don’t stop them.

Now, I’m not saying that being proud of your accomplishments or who you are is wrong.  Not in the least.  And sometimes, for someone who is shy like me, I like that I’m not the center of attention.  I’ll enjoy a bit of quiet observation.  However, I do get tired of hearing only your opinion and I sometimes don’t care about the drama you create.

At an event I attended the other night, I ended up at the same table as another person like this.  Although, I think I was partially annoyed because she was several years younger than I, yet spoke like she thought she was the oldest (and wisest) at our table.  I know I may look young, but please, I don’t look that young either.  I just couldn’t believe the stories and questions coming out of her mouth.  One led right into another led into another, led into a “profound” experience she had.  If you’re looking for recognition, I’m not going to give it to you like that.

There is a time and place for everything.

We are a product and reflection of our parents.  I was showered with so much attention, I didn’t always tell them about every A in school or compliment or accomplishment because I didn’t want to be in the spotlight.  I got a lot of attention in school (for a while, but that’s a different story) because I was able to pick things up quickly and responsible.  I didn’t want any more of it.  I still don’t.

We are also a product and reflection of our society.  The generation right after mine is when the “Let-me-give-you-a-trophy-for-properly-blowing-your-nose,” started.  Everything you do isn’t important to the whole world.  And it shouldn’t matter if it isn’t.  But you don’t need to hold up a neon arrow pointing it out either, to give you the accolades you’ve become accustomed to.


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