Behind My Eyes

My eyes tell a story of pain and sadness

of a childhood too quickly passed through.

They tell a story of self torture and doubt

of wild curiosity

and a passion left behind because reality set in.




Jumping between reality and my imagination

the memories burned into my mind.

I remember a lot.

The tiniest details.

Felling chills up my spine.

What I wore and how I felt,

but it’s not all the time.

Chunks of time I don’t remember

Chunks of time I’d rather forget.

oh look!

Quietly lurking in the corner

is the glitter and sparkle that make me smile.

The warm embraces,

a sense of safety in my own skin.

Cherished moments in my heart.

My eyes tell a story that lead into my soul

but most of the time you don’t see it

because I’m hiding behind my wall.


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