The Aftermath

I’m trying my best to keep it together today.  I wish I were back at home, sitting on the couch, or in bed.  Yesterday was just draining.  I didn’t have any energy to do anything else.  Being off just took a lot out of me, and today I’m paying for it.

I’m so exhausted.  I could fall asleep right now for a nice, long nap.  It would be great.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I had a couple of nightmares and woke up a couple of times.  Not long enough to really be awake, but awake enough to register the time.  Not sleeping well really takes a toll on me.  I get more anxious.  And just when I thought my anxiety was lessening.

This anxiety is causing all sorts of trouble.  Well, it may not be just the anxiety.  But the anxiety makes the eating disorder worse and my sleep worse.  And then that makes my anxiety worse.  And it goes around and around and around.  I get dizzy just thinking about it.

My digestive issues are back.  And that doesn’t help anything.  I called my gastroenterologist and he’s going to try to get my insurance to cover a capsule endoscopy.  The no dairy/no wheat diet didn’t change anything.  All the tests were negative.  So hopefully, this will show something.  I just want an answer!


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