A Grandmother’s Love

I absolutely adore my grandmother.  She is my rock.  She saved me.  She is one of the best people I know.

As a young girl, she taught me so much.  Even with her 3rd grade education, she taught me basic mathematics.  She taught me how to cook simple dishes.  She taught me how to do laundry.  And in the kitchen, were my first lessons in tango.  It’s because of her that I know Spanish.

When I got older, she told me stories of her youth and childhood.  She loved her father, like I love mine.  She knew how to take care of herself and her siblings at a young age.  I admire her so much.

I loved spending time with her.  When I was a teenager, she would take different classes at the local community college.  An English class, yoga class, a running/walking class, piano, and a weight lifting class.  She was is a strong little woman.  Just thinking of her makes me smile.

And I get to spend the next 3 weeks with her.  She comes in with my dad tomorrow.  There’s so much she needs to teach me within the next 3 weeks.  Her special spaghetti and other foods and how to crochet.  I’m sure there is more.  Lots more.  I want to take a ton of pictures of us.  I just want to be with her.


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