One Last Push

My second class is about to start. I’m already exhausted. There was a lengthy reading assignment for today. I’m just glad my boss was out of the office so I could do the reading. And I made it. Barely.

I had forgotten what it was like to read for school. For some reason, when I read for pleasure, I read so much faster. It just felt like I was struggling to make it through. I know it will get easier and when I don’t have to read so much at one go, it will feel better.

I went to get my books today. Um, since when does a college bookstore only open from 10am – 5pm? That doesn’t really work if you have a full time job. Once again, thank goodness my boss what out of the office today. Otherwise, I’m not sure how I would have got the materials.

Now I get to play the fun game of seeing how much I remembered from the reading. And I’m so exhausted I’m not really sure how I’ll do. I am desperately wishing for a nap. I’m lucky that I’ll have the holiday weekend to catch up on sleep. And reading.


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