Musical Madness Monday

I’m not a huge fan of Monday’s, but then again, who is?  I think things will change, but right now it’s just a reminder that it’s the start of another week where I won’t do anything.  I rely heavily on music to get me out of the house in mornings.  And I usually watch some YouTube videos once I get to work.  Since I’m not really in the mood to delve into certain issues right now, I just thought I’d share some of my favorite videos.  I have eclectic taste.  I know.

Because I love Pentatonix.


One of my favorites, with a beautiful tribute at the end.


Musical Madlibs–taking famous songs from musicals and changing up the lyrics.


Ivy League A Cappella


And because I love a good flash mob.


Watching Bob Ross made me want to paint.


The closing number from this year’s Tony Awards.


Music Love

A few weeks ago, I share a video from Pentatonix.  I think they’re an amazing a cappella group.  I think it’s fairly safe to say that I’m obsessed with them. (Major talent crush.)  I listened to several of their songs on the way to work and at work.  It helps start my day.  So when they partnered with Lindsey Stirling, I thought it was pretty awesome.



Since it’s a cover, I immediately had to go and look up the original artist.  I listen to both the original and cover to figure out which one I like better.  Since Pentatonix came into my life, their covers have usually won.  But then I saw this:



And really?  The video is awesome.  Anyone who can make stuffed animals/puppets fight gets a big thumbs up from me.  So I had to listen to as many songs from Imagine Dragons as I possibly could.  Yeah.  Loved them all too.

So it’s a tie.  It really is.  I love both arrangements and both videos.  I could never pick between two loves.