Sign Me Up!

I go to register for my summer and fall classes today after work!  I am super excited to be continuing my collegiate career.  I went through the undergraduate bulletin to research possible new majors for the post bac.  And not to be all dramatic about it, but I feel like a lot of it is dependent on this first class I’m taking (assuming that it’s not full and that my prerequisite applies).

It’s a human biology class.  I’m actually looking forward to delving into the world of genetics and DNA.  And I think this is close to the field that I am really thinking I’d like to pursue.  At least, right now.  But I really think this class is going to be the deciding factor.  Do I really want to challenge myself with something far more scientifically based than I originally thought?  If I were to continue on this path, my eventual focus would probably be along the lines of epidemiology or medical anthropology.

Now, if I’m not eligible for that class, I can take a philosophy class that fills one of the core requirements.  And if I don’t want to challenge myself, but still be fascinated by the subject matter, I’d like to focus on genocide/human trafficking.  I have read so much on the subject already.  This would definitely be the easier route, but it would still be enjoyable.

And I think either way I go, I’d like to end up teaching at the collegiate level.  I want to share the knowledge I have.  I enjoy teaching.  And I’m good at it.

I just hope I’m able to make a decision and not go through the hours of back and forth I normally do.