Another Monday

I am so incredibly exhausted. Volunteering over the weekend was so fun, but I’m just so tired. I didn’t want to go to work this morning. I just wanted to go back to sleep. I know this is partially due to the eating disorder, but it’s a lot more because I had to be “on” all weekend. It was a great experience, but very tiring.

My boss is out this week, so I was able to take a quick nap at work. That made me feel better, but I think the heat and humidity got to me. Well, it got to my stomach. Feeling nauseous is not fun. It was just so intense. I’m still feeling a bit nauseous now, some 4 hours later, but better than before.

I hope I feel better tomorrow.



Whenever I go try something new, I get really anxious. I start debating whether or not I should go and if it’s really necessary for me. And that’s exactly how it was when I went to go for my first day of volunteering at the World Science Festival. But my sense of responsibility wins and I follow through on my commitments. And I’m so glad I did!

I’ve had an amazing time so far. I’ve met other volunteers, who have been absolutely amazing. There have been great conversations. I’ve also had the privilege if meeting some of the top scientists in their fields. It’s just very motivating to be in a room full of genius.

This time around, I really tried to push myself outside of my comfort zone and talk to the staff and other volunteers. I would normally just do my job and not really interact unless there were specific questions asked. But I really spoke and asked questions and voiced my opinions. And I think it’s really paying off. I’ve been able to exchange contact information with a couple of people. I’m going to follow through and maybe something more will come of it. Maybe not. But at least I will have tried. And that’s a huge accomplishment for me.